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These musical creations are improvisees in time reel.No the composition preparee and a direct recording
24 bits 48 K only stereo.Being donnee that I register(record) at time reel (explanation in detail on the site)
The composition is cree directly during the recording,I should find the melodie directly without making(doing)
of fault while occupying me besidesBecause the magneto turns... I am so rather sensitive to cold for the changes
What I regret, I try of me to ameliorer gradually.Too much error and the recording is damned.
The advantage is that the creation of song (Composition,arrangement, solo, mixing)
The time of the piece lasts reellement only.
With the aim of me entrainer to compose it live I retouch nothing and I do not mix song
on the other hand they are boostes then by some effects of mastering
then converted into 16 bits 44 K then in mp3 44 K .

With an aim of knowing your opinionand to eliminate the null allow me to progress,
you can quickly note them while cliquant on the smile correspondent in your opinion
Or if you have more time write me for a mo
re complete opinion
by not forgetting a preciser the name of the pieces