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Test on the inspiration or the state of trance
Traditional or Cartesian method of training.
Mystical or spiritual method of training .

Test symbolic system on the inspiration .
Test practises on the inspiration .

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Test on the spirits and their world

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The science or the religion of the materialism: the myth of the reason
The unit algorythme or the reflection effect

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Index Trance Spirit Science
Test on the inspiration or the state of trance
The creative act is made most of the time starting from a tool that it is necessary to learn
to control (material, body)
The training of the tool monopolizes often all the time devotes to the detriment
comprehension of the creative act in its release.
That Ci becomes unexplainable and lines up with the other unexplainable ones
chance, chance, all jokers of the reason.

With an aim of revalorizing the importance of the inspiration and of seeking its advantages
here a test creates spontaneously which requires only your opinion on the subject.

Traditional or Cartesian method of training.
Old method of the training by conditioning with the assistance of memorizing (diagrams).
It functions, one know it for a long time, the cave man used it already...
However, it necessite to observe some rules to function...
Rigour, to work hard in the constraint (exercises), to memorize to take practices.
For much it is done in the suffering and with much of efforts.
One advances step by step...
After the considerable time most assiduous will be able to approach a control which
will become again natural and simple.Les rules will have etes acquired for better releasing itself some.
This method goes certe, but at which price.
Many failures and few ' elected officials.
The success for a small group with the detriment of the greatest number...
Another factor intervenes in this traditional method
the inequality of the individuals.
And yes certain person are naturellements more endow that with other,
their training appears easier and directly simpler.
It gives results more convincing and sometimes admirable.
Thus in conclusion, it is necessary to progress in the effort and the pain
except for a small group of individuals who have a more or less powerful gift
that one cannot explain in a rational way, " circulate, it does not have nothing there to see... ".
To be endows and the importance of the chance, it is the inconsistency of this method.
Is the this man who directs the method or the method who directs the man?
Let us be us programs, machines ameliores?
Let us be us with the image of the inventions of the man or that of nature...

Mystical or spiritual method of training .
Already the cave man had understood that malgres his confidence in him and his knowledge,
much thing escaped to him like death for example or the life.
Ritual enabled him to communicate with the invisible one to answer practical problems
the music reflected the invisible one well, something which one feels without being able to palpate it.
The repetition engrossing the spirit the remainder could be released.
Fright had been born.

It is not a question to call into question the traditional method,
it to us is acquired our youth,
but rather to find an alternative which will permetrai to use
in a way diverts the infinite potential which is in us.
The way of the unit this finds in all the religious movements
it consists in believing that all the questions have only one answer.
because all share of the unit and goes back there.
For the same reasons, the meditation or fright tends towards the vacuum,
invisible the vacuite more exactly towards the unit.
To imagine that you etes a radio set which recoit
only one station
a certain part of the waves recus
east uses for the working procedure
the other part continues its race
whether you channel it or not.

An English site on the phenomenon of fright :trance institute

Test symbolic system on the inspiration .
Fright is closely binds to the concept of loop or repetition
as with the concept of moment present.

One could express it as follows symbolically:

I will use the very old theory of the yin and yang refined in the yiking ,
interessante by the simple nature of the opposition (all or nothing).
Idee besides which currently makes receipt with data processing (bit).

This cosmological diagram level 1
* The ciel(circle, infinite, invisible, 0).
* ground (squares, finished, visible, 1).

becomes for the man level 2
* Esprit(rings, infinite, invisible, 0).
* Body (squares, finished, visible, 1).

and for its conscience level 3.
* Instinct (circle, infinite, abstract, 0)
* Reason (squares, finished, concrete, 1)

the sky and the ground function in cycle as a loop
Under the action of fire, water leaves the ocean,
goes on the mountains and thanks to erosion,
brings back in the ocean.

For the man the repetition enables him to be integrated into cosmology,
its body becomes the ground and its spirit the sky.
it results from it a balance which one names perfection
the man then reflects a state which depasse it
because it is with the image of the paramount whole and the unit
(Sufism, Zen , cabal, boudism)
This phenomenon exists naturally of each one of us.
the love is a good example and also passed,
pleasures in general...

Test practises
on the inspiration .

the mono repetition monopolizes the attention of the spirit
the multi repetition rout.
it follows a looping from there or
the actor becomes the witness
and the witness becomes the actor...

Some advantages being studied of the inspiration

To be in constant inspiration
Creer directly without having to improve
To have fun and take pleasure
An easy and exponential progression
Facilitate to transpose its receipt towards very others
fields (arts, sciences, philosophies, mystic, ect)

The definition of the inspiration of the Petit Robert

1 " Kind of emanating breath a supernatural being, which would bring to the men,
councils, révélations;etat mystical of the heart under this supernatural impulse. "

2 " creative Breath which animates the writers, the artists, researchers. "

" With the idea of inspiration that of manufacture is opposed. "

" To call, await, seek the inspiration. "

The first definition is worthy of Allan Kardec
the second us amene with the means of using this breath
To call (oh!!! inspiration comes to me)
To wait (for those which have only Ca to make)
To seek (they have to forget to say or)
In short it is not very clear.

The child are inspire naturelements but always do not control working,
the adult seek a result, they use the reason and want all to direct all to control.
however the preoccupations with a control is illusory because it is not enough...
one needs a kind of spark which will start a process or the individual this will let carry
time will not exist any more, nor even the reason, all will run source.
When the result appears it will be immediately regards as cree by the reason for rationnaliser.
The individual if will not oppose, regarding the result as reward and valorization in its manner
to proceed.
Cavity all depends on our own force of persuation to tell us stories,
but this spark not recognized can rarefy with the roof of despair of the reason and the individual
it should be also noted that simple spirit and the insane ones seem facilitate what will prouvrai
that the reason does not have really anything to see in all this.

The reason poses really problem by using the ego for leurer the individual.
Because generally when the individual is satisfied with his creation, it considers to be detached from the batch
creating as a secret garden which supports its base initially and its
manner of apprehending the world for then locking up it in a category.
The child, the insane ones and large createurs are much more interesting to observe, they show us
the reality of creation, which thing of simple and complex at the same time, spontaneous without
possession of the act nor pride of the achievement but rather like a witness
who will look at myself, a place or the ego does not exist any more.
As a simple breath which passes in us (to go up the dimension of the Petit Robert)
the breath of the unit.

It is necessary to take what follows like an experiment of which you etes at the same time the researcher
and the guinea-pig.
The researcher will use his reason to analyze and note his progress or his failures,
he will have to be as much as possible impartial and to have the opinion of another people not not to derive too much
Initially one will apply to determiner the most unfavourable moments
with the creativity with an aim of being exerted to make them favorable.
That makes it possible to be channeled towards the cause and not the effect (the result).
Of abort they should be sought, for then tracking them and realizing that they are not
that dreams create by the reason.
The unfavourable phases exists only when the reason is not dissipee by a factor
external with the creative act (tiredness, lack of time, being press or distract, preoccupe)
The reason then well presente is activated to analyze the act and corrects directly it
without taking into account the balance of creation as a whole.
What is not yet but will be, concept which appréhender(futur) cannot.
To take an example more speaking
When a drawing is made, certain features can seem false during the act
for then appearing fundamental when the drawing is finished.
If have the features correct at the time,le drawing loses its direction
one leaves in other directions without being satisfied and the result becomes imperfect.
One then thinks of not having had the inspiration.

At the end of a certain time the inspiration becomes again gradually natural and constant
It is a little like the meditation,se to concentrate on a idee or a repetitif act for
to monopolize the spirit and thus to release the inspiration (vacuity).
That can take a certain time, only the study of creations which must be into constant
progress can inform you about possible derive, on this level the reason is very useful,
it makes it possible not to become autist or depressive.
Because the trance can have a certain number of side effects
harmful for the individual, the questioning total of the reason
slave of alienations can return it and to even go towards the destruction.
The eqo can if to cunningly slip and us bleufer jusqu " at the time or any rocker.
Not to tell history and to have the cold head are very good assets
Also it is necessary to diversify (technical Cartesian)
The reason exists, there is necessary to learn how to use it, it enables us to balance.
The whole is to manage to jointly use it with the inspiration
When the creative act becomes meditation, creations are spontaneous and have
less and less need to be improved, they are done in the pleasure and the recreation.
The progression must accelerate and this generaliser with all the fields without having
difficulty of transposing itself.

In the second time one will endeavour to use fields without experience
to test the level of generalization which owes him also be into constant progress.
As for the method traditional, the way is long and seed of pitfall
To arm itself with patience, not systematically to seek a result.
Let your intinct guide you, it is your best guide.

Index Trance Spirit Science reflection
Test on the spirits and their world
The theme of the spirits is a subject rather difficult bus too abstract, also not having tests of the interwiever
as allan kardec ,je can present only one modest test to you, following a great request for your share
here a first jet.

The spirits are anchors in our culture since the night of times,on believes in it almost all without really believing in it.
In the old cultures tribales all were spirits: men, animals, the plants,la matter
Considerees like religions polytheists and archaic, the men communicated with the spirits
of differente manners: figurines, objects, fright ect, however that did not empechaient them to believe in a entite
general practitioner including the totality of their world like a single god.
The saints, the prophets, the deites, the angels, the djins, let us demons them and the others seem often vouees with the worship
like gods by the men, malgres the direction monotheism of the majority of the religions integrant them without
that that does not call into question their beliefs in a single god.
Definition of the Petit Robert
Polytheists doctrines who admits the existence of several gods:egyptien, Greek, ect, " at the bottom of the polytheist is
the feeling of alive, immortal nature and creatrice " en a word our good single god...

In all the cases there is a hierachie with a single concept at the Ce top which leaves think that in reality
all the religious movements are monotheists
all accept the existence of the hierarchises spirits
and of the audela: the world in which they evolve/move
as well as the idee that the man are incarnes spirits (heart) which will turn over to their death in the audela
if you find texts mystical proving the opposite I would make a pleasure of publishing them...
(or your own reflections...)

For the traditional religions the archangels left highest head of the angels in the hierarchie,
the archangel gabriel one of is known, as well in the tradition hebraic as the christian and the musulman .
one can also find some descriptions of the angels and of the guardian angels the number of the angels is very large,
they have several roles in their relations with the hommes.Ils can transmit the orders of god to the men,
maybe face to face,ou in a dream. They thus can paraitre in the dreams.
Among the angels, there are cherubins and the Seraphins.

The boudism is more explicit on the existence of the spirits but remains rather abstract,un little too hermetic.
The book of dead the tibetain or bardo thodol is very interessant with reading for little that one is a minimum familiarizes
with the boudism and symbolism tantrique.Ce book east uses by the tibetains for faciler the passage in the audela
with their,il death the guide during the 49 days towards the reincarnation or in certain cases towards the illumination.
it resembles two other works etonnament going back to times much older:
the Egyptian book of deaths and the Maya book of deaths

Spiritism is more detaille and most practical on the subject with the book of the spirits (complete work on this site)
appeared in 1856.C' is incredible like this movement looked further into the description of the spirits and the audela.
I advise you to read the book of the spirits it really sympathetic bus malgres of many incoherence of enters
other with the system employe of interview of spirits of all niveaux.Ce concept to the advantage of advancing
considerably the study of the subject by its practical and complete dimension and with a method malgres all
enough cartesienne.Ce dialoque with spirits various levels are really very original,
certain correlations made with our world are astonishing and the spiritistic movement rejete
not the religions nor science but rather tries to include/understand them from the point of view of their theorie spirits,
a little like the boudism,le Zen.

The Indians of America and the other archaic cultures had sublimes the idee spiritism while giving him
a perfect dimension in practice, the use in the life of tous.les.jours of the reports/ratios enter the men
and the spirits Certains Indians appeles of the reveurs had like single work to transmit the message
spirits in their reves, others dialogued with the trees and the use of fright in group was as much
use to look after itself that to communicate with the esprits.ils lived in harmonis with the spirits.
The spirits of their deaths their ancestres remained in their sky to help them and were reincarnaient in the group.
To some extent, first groups of exploring spirits of our world;

Caracteristiques general of the spirits
they are invisible for the men
the matter such as it was connait (absolute) does not exist.
they are deplacent at the speed of the pensee (time does not exist)
they see in a spheric way and are more or less pure (hierarchie)
An intelligence more poussee and differente that the words cannot express.
impossibility of dissimulating anything, they are really what it representent with the others
Certain spirits will not be able to meet bus if they are too different, they will be pushed back.
they can creer by their clean pensee a world if reel that they could accept in it as a reality
(style our world, the hell or paradise)
However it is necessary to take into account a very significant element of the world in which they live:
time does not exist...

The audela
The paradise, the hell and the purgatory seem a quite simplistic concept compares with the concepts older,
it is necessary to be plunged in the mystical movements of the new religion to see apparaitre
a audela more interessant (chretien, Sufism, kabbal, ect).
The notion of time seems to be the heart of the problem, the audela will be before the fleche time.
time cree our world with space and the life, the fleche of time is its direction but it is very difficult
to see impossible to design a timeless world, this concept depasse our intelligence completely
who exists only precisely by the movement of time.

The men spirits
The whole of the religions considerent which us avont a whole a heart which escapes from our body from our death
and all their mystical movements treat reincarnation.
Let us be us spirits before being men
The world in which vivont would be to us only one passage and thus there is another thing before too?
We do not remember any, is this time which did all to us to forget?
or is our mode of reasoning you it in contradiction with a timeless world?

The boudisms appelent our world the world of the medium, only refletant the whole of creation,
and the only world (and yes,il plusior for them has there) or one little to reach the illumination
(to leave the cycle of the reincarnations)
Spiritism is due to little close the same speech, but it wants nearer to our condition of man spirit
examples more practical in some sorte.nous nap above all of the spirits, inconciemment us essayont
of recreer on ground same conditions that in the audela immediate displacement, communication without delay,
remote vision, of the virtual worlds, the cinema which by nostalgia us rappele our state of mind, a witness
invisible which hears all and little deplacer is not imported or in a scene, our world and the others would be like
an interactive cinema for the spirits.

All that one considere as of the malfunctions of our world is can be only errors
of comprehension of its operation.
To sleep by obligation to find our true nature of spirit.
Death an obligatory return to our condition premiere.
The symbolic system of the spirits regnerait on our world by the means of what one names hazard.
The reason of the man analyzes the creation in the same way that these proper concepts of creations which remain imperfect
and dedicate to evolve/move or with being given in cause.C' is as same pretentieux good to affirm that nature is not able
to make men who do not need to nourish themselves or of dormir.On to little think (it is not yet prohibited) only us
summon fatiguable to force us to sleep impossibility of making differently, obligation to turn over in the world of the spirits.
Obligation to breathe for refleter the exchange constant which opere between the individual and the invisible whole
Obligation to eat for refleter what we assimilate and what us kids
Many old traditions considerent the excrements like the precieuse thing symbolically
and physiquement.On can also considerer (why not) our world like a perfect notation symbolic
whole it is not worse than to believe in the existence of a machinery regie by the god hazard.
a god which am our own incomprehension of the moment.Pourquoi to always see midday with its door?
To look at the amalgam which our natural correlation can bring machine.
Some time ago it was still normal (and it is not finished)de considerer the body like a machine
Thus for example the old age of the body naturally parassait us to follow the same way that our machines
the body wears by its use what implies that these parts abiment and at the end of a certain time of use
the body does not function more, as our machines it is except service...
Today it is allowed that the body genere subtances or omits some with an aim of destruire gradually
the body (starts starting from the birth)
They are not any more the imperfections of the system of our body which genere its slow destruction but its own will
with a which aim obviously still it is a mystery.
Is what the man manufactures of the machines by adding imperfections in more there so that they wear more quickly,
not obviously it is not enough bete for that (separately can be to sell some more)
To believe in the body machine is a vision simplistic and reassuring, it remains useful however to test of the reparer
but the man does not remain about it less in ignorance on the vision global of the phenomenon life, malgres his progress
constants.Et it is not impossible that our progression passes by questionings of principles
known as fundamental, this they is already passes certainly and will reproduce.
Let us can all prevoir itself today and all to judge correctly?
The imprevisible one does not follow us it not since the paddle of times,il forms same part of us.
the hazard such as one it concoit does not exist it is only one word which hiding place all our ignorance
Recent the theorie of chaos amongst other things tackles the problem of the hazard in a broader way and malgres
its idees very innovative, it has ete very badly consider in the traditional scientific circle
and had great difficulty to be accepts malgres the ameliorations of comprehension that it A brings
with certain complex problems ( weather, fluids, reseaux, ect )
Which report/ratio will say to me with the spirits?
How to explain our interaction with the spirits if not by this small word hazard which reflete so much of nonrational situation
and yet so many which very often the advance of our life directs (chance, bad luck, disease, gift, destiny, ect).
can be today our only blind communication with the spirits of the audela.
One can same considerer that our world reflete that of the spirits, that us summons spirits before being men
and that this mirror living attracts them like flies for its temporal aspect or can be to know some a little more.
Because malgres their rises, they do not include/understand the mystery of creation.
They are really like the men:
in the ignorance of what they are,
in the ignorance of what they were,
in the ignorance of what they will be...

Index Trance Spirit Science reflection
The science or the religion of the materialism: myth of reason
There is tendency to considerer in our human culture that science is not a religion
but a reality, it is not to prove and cannot be called into question like the other religions.

However that Ci malgres all, can with many levels be seen like a religion.
As the majority of the religions it unfortunately rather often support certain numbers
men with detriment of autres.elle the cree of the nonperfect rules and declares them like verite.
Found modes of pensees and inventions favorissant the dependance and terror.
often without being really essential, these systems remain imperfect and always called into question
(plastic, oil, nucleaire, weapons, car, tele, money, ect)
Comparee with the other religions, science with its inventions and its modes of pensees concealed and maltreats
surely more the human ones than all the others reunies.

Nonsatisfied with its absolute and untouchable role, it perpetuellement seeks to prove nonthe veracite
other religions appele also obscurantism,se considerant like only the verite, without being able
remetre in question and forgetting that it abondament can its source in the religions
( yiking :binaire and information the base of the computers, Pythagore: mathematiquse, ect)
That many inventions have etes finds in a state of inspiration (by error or chance)
without reasoning and it has same many prophets (Pythagore, Einstein, ect)

Science supports more and more with detruire without maitrise the world in which vivont, protesting us
that it is not responsible and that there is not an other solution viable.Ses advantages remain limiting
(medicine for a number reduit, possibility of activity faster, facilitate in the surface one, ect)

While tending towards the magic of the mystic and using it abondament
(virtual world, fast transportation, vision and its remotely or in differe, ect)
Its magic " inventions " often not essential are like means of affirming its verites
and its omnipresence, them using like objects of cultes(tv, computer, ect)
Science wants to be open whereas it is increasingly hermetic and extremist.
(nucleaire, modification of the ADN without certainty, ect).
The greatest number beneficie not of its advantages, but undergoes and will undergo all its mefaits.

One cannot design a world without science, but peut' one to design a world without religion.
for my part I believe that the man concoit nothing,il does nothing but undergo dashes that it follows not being able
to make differently.
Proof is that us vivont still at a time of average age industrial or not content with
we detruire us same are we with detruire the planette by making the malignant ones.
Before the man idolatrait figurines today the machines have took their places.

Index Trance Spirit Science reflection
The unit algorythme or the reflection effect.
The natural system is impressionant, it is enough to look at nature.
It is not effectiveness these systems of reproduction vegetal
but a visible single algorythme in any thing, it is the reflection of what one names
perfection for the men and what is simply for unitaire.Chez the men
it supports a vision detournee which one could name effectiveness,
the reason tries to be effective fault of perfection, unit the reflete a normal reflection
of our world in our world.
Like a film projection, or one essairait of deceler the effective one in the activity
forms on the screen two dimensions.
One would find it there in great numbers and we etablierions rules of efficacites
few realist vis-a-vis the true play actors.
it is it dimensions it impressing unit algorythme it is perfect and makes the admiration of all
and is appropriate for all the modes of reasoning and in reality can be that him only exists...

In nature all things seem to have a reason to be also why not...
to eat not to nourish itself (energy) but for refleter its reality unit we must eat
to sleep not to rest (tiredness) but to escape from its body, we must sleep
Death seems to be a passage more than one end in itself, we must die
The state in love so runs for the achievement of the reproductif act
the younger woman desirable for the period most favourable (new body) with an operation
body optimal.
The man older desirable for his secondary role of sower less necessite of
body function, but a need for diffusion maximum in the temps(presque one until A its death)
and most scattered possible (instinct of polygamy).

Us sums can be nothing more than plants malgres our feelings and our reasoning
dregs then has our cultural prints so that us soyont in reality, us also that a reflection.
There is not qu ' a step...

Index Trance Spirit Science reflection