Electronic music

Some explanations on the method of manufacture of the song.I use the sequencor like an instrument time reel.
Take a software sequencor of demonstration and analog synthe and one drums box
(the virtual whole for best the teams) You cannot back up your song what a importance!!!
A guitar does not back up either.but have can use it freelyand to record the result.
It is enough for you to use the sequencor like an instrument of improvisation and to record on an unspecified support.

These musical creations executées according to the method decrite Ci below are downloading in mp3.
Their use is free within a no commercial framework
I accept the conditions to download MP3 and your opinion is it welcome, thank you in advance...

Fast explanation.
ATTENTION WITH YOUR EARS!!!! Midday in general
Complete explanation.
Audio chart
CUBASE The synchro
Song Autoload of cubase. The complete system
The sequencor like instrument
An example of system
Some small councils The recording
Easy way for potentiometers tirednesses.
Pieces with the magnifying glass
NOVA TraceMirage
The new system nova. TraceAfrica
Nova and synchro.
REASON 2 (not uses but too cool:
Manufacture of fast kit of battery on S2000 (PC and mac)
Kits of batteries and percus to the format akai

To answer this small questionaire thank you in advance on the problems of acouphenes
to know if the world of the techno is also touches by the whistling in the ears
same if you do not have problems do not hesitez!! I interress also with this case .
francais HOME

Index warning!!! Method Cubase Hpd15 Nova Sirius S2000 Midi MP3 Reason SURVEY!!!
To make assemble mayonnaise you must well dominate your synthe.
Useless to buy full with synthes to have full with sounds and full with troubles.
dominate its synthe it is:
to know goods its sounds and its parameters (oscillating, filters, lfos, effects, ect)
To know the sequences as of the arpegiateurs and why not manufacture some.
customize the sequencor to use only short cuts keyboards
(recordings of the positionements of transfers tracks, copies, quantifications, selections, ect)
Because the mouse avere to be very difficult to use in time reel.
The control of the sequencor is very significant.
Launch the software sequencor
attention have share of nothing, a white sheet,
put a large case over time (metronomist) and why not a charley at against time.
To heat you of helping you of the reasons for the arpegiator
and of the use of the controllers of the synthe (oscillating, filters, lfos, effects, ect)
When that you to start with return in the music will start an external recorder with the sequencor
It left!!! you will compose your first piece in time reel
To improvise...
It is enough to learn how to fall down on its legs.
Stop the recorder, booster rocket the sound with some effects...
The result A effect of trance guaranteed for the user (the extase without extasy)
and a song manufactured time of the song,le result seems more spontaneous
and more surprising that the traditional use of the sequenceurs
and much easier...

In a few words it is about improvisation for the composition of a song in time reel.

The matos used for these pieces

Mac G4 350 MHz
Cubase like a sequencor instrument

A nova (synthe analogical modelisation)
Used for the synthes and the arpegiateurs

A sirius (Synthe and limps at rate/rhythm)
Used for the large cases, the charleys, the percus and the arpegiateurs

S2000 (samplor)
Used for some kits of battery and effects.

Hpd-15 (limps at rate/rhythm) from 1/2002
For the rates/rhythms and the effects.

Index warning!!! Method Cubase Hpd15 Nova Sirius S2000 Midi MP3 Reason SURVEY!!!
Teufor since many years I do not make a point of making you morals,
but being gives that I have just returned in the very open club
victims of acouphenes (constant whistles in the ears)
I direction oblige to prevenir you on the devastations of a too strong sound

If you are accustomed to going out of turnip like me
you have to notice that certain evenings did not maitrisaient really it
a number of decibels that they send to us in the ears

Three risks which can arrive same at the first sound overpower
(and sometimes three in same time)

Acouphene (constant whistle in the ears with life!!!!!!)
in many cases the acouphene can have a noise level
much higher than 65 decibels!!!!! (circulation routiere)

Hyperacusia (to perceive the sounds stronger than they are it really)
This over-sensitiveness can be accompanied by sharp auditive pains

The most known Surdite

For my part despite several alarms which I have unfortunately to leave master key,
I thought that my ears could all box.
After a teuf, the usual whistles are not arretes
I have trap a acouphene for the life,
a constant noise of cocote minute like
a frequency very acute with variation height
Finish silence, do not wait to lose it
stupidly like me to return account to you
that it is really precieux.
And I have much chance because my acouphene is really very light...
Now I am to oblige to pay attention extremement
because the phenomenon can worsen.....
thus since more teuf too much decibel (for the moment I am too afraid of the complications)
and I makes music with knitting machine in the ears for attenuer the acute frequencies
because by chance only the frequencies very acute reinforces my accouphenes.
of aillor on this subject I have can be the cause of this problem do not have not is noticed
that when you use the filter of the frequencies in the low registers (which it thus remain only
acute the)vous etes obliges to assemble volume to have the same noise level
let us not amplify not too the acute ones without knowing the consequence about hearing.
the almost inaudible ultrasounds can they alterer our ears if volume
is a superior has 120 dB, malgres that one does not hear it.


V ous can buy protections
auditive special musicians pianissimo
they protegent without altere the music
35 euros for standard Pianissimo
160 euros for Pianissimo to measure
Here the site of a magazin in Paris.
Acoustic L
Godinho and Hearing
19 street of Odessa
75 014 Paris - FRANCE


France acouphenes

to answer this small questionaire thank you in advance on the problems of acouphenes
to know if the world of the techno is also touches by the whistling in the ears
same if you do not have problems precisely do not hesitez!! I interress precisely with this case .



If you had a problem at the time of a fete techno ,
Do not hesitez with temoigner .

Index warning!!! Method Cubase Hpd15 Nova Sirius S2000 Midi MP3 Reason SURVEY!!!
Survey on the problems of constant whistling in the ears
To answer this small questionnaire thank you in advance to know if the world of the techno is also touches
by the whistling in the ears.
Because in my entourage it there with little problem malgres a control at the risk since many years.
if it avere that little of anybody is to touch malgres the most favorable condition
that one can imagine, it would be interressant to decouvrir why there is if little victim...

The whistles are unfortunately remainders

After 1 rave
After a rave too close to the hp

the whistles still do not remain

After N rave
After N rave too close to the hp

The whistles are remainder but you continue to go out of rave

or or or or

With protections
no go rave
Any more

My whistling in the ears is

or or or


I have assist with

1 rave
> 10 rave
> 50 rave
> 100 rave

Thank you for your opinion;

With my opinion, the independant materiel remains more stable than the virtual instruments
for the moment, but the tendency is reversed gradually
(see reason ).

Index warning!!! Method Cubase Hpd15 Nova Sirius S2000 Midi MP3 Reason SURVEY!!!
CUBASE by steinberg(sequencor, synthes virtual)

The sequencor is a complete instrument today it can controle
a completely programmable orchestra of the sequences, logics of plays
and same manual sentences.
One becomes the head of orchestra of a whole of instruments fixed goods
and supporting all our delires without raler.

Cubase with always ete very time reel,on can do everything without breaking the tempo.
Here a file of assignment of the keys keyboards of computer for cubase
an example of configuration of control of the actions of the sequencor
not to use the mouse.

MAJ cubase 5 0 r1

It acts in made of an improvement of the audio treatment and a version 2 of rewire
as well as a compatibilite complete with reason.

MAJ cubase 5.1
New virtual effects and synthes better audio management?

A version of cubase compatible OSX go ....
By naming a song Autoload and by placant it on the same level that the program cubase
One cree a song by defect personalizes, here that which I use .
If you do not have that the demo cubase you also can by remplacant the Autoload file
to benefit from its capacites of play time reel and to test this method of sequencor instrument:
Easy way for potentiometers midday tirednesses
with cubase A powerful and simple easy way for posseder an infernal matrix.
Router a controller .

Potentiometers abiment after several years of hard service technoide
and unfortunately the favourites, more use are the first keys.
Those Ci can be however subtitues with potentiometer little use.
Prenont the typical example of the filter of the frequencies.
Cubase allows to router controllers towards another
for the example we go router the controller filters frequencies (number 105 for the nova)
towards the serrated roller of modulation (1 for everyone)
Unfortunately each synthetizer defini without regle its numbers of controller
Doc. " you know this block of paper which fixes the synthe ";
A precieuse help or you will find the table of the numbers of the controllers
and well of other thing...: )

Therefore for router in cubase to choose small the option outward journey in the menu setup midday
and choissisez system
In limps of dialogue this finds " to control map "
place 1 (modulation) in the zone " controller "
place 105 (filter of the frequencies) in the zone " mapped to "
simple not?

What to renovate of old man synthes or why not router the potentiometer more uses
towards the modulation not to use it too quickly (one sticks to it to its synthes)

But it is not all
all is routable and reroutable...
Router a controller without potentiometer towards a potentiometer
To finish each controller is routable 127 on the whole
and all is backed up with the song.

Index warning!!! Method Cubase Hpd15 Nova Sirius S2000 Midi MP3 Reason SURVEY!!!

How to use the sequencor like a musical instrument.
One uses it by the intermediaire keyboard by using the function keys
(programmable in cubase) or why not with controller
I advise you to use a paper help of the function keys
(placees on the keyboard or of small labels collees) for the differencier
and reperer easily.

list the most significant keys .
F1 :explose the track active(if it is multichannel) out of N ways
F5 :repete once selection
F6 : Undo quantification on the selection
F7 ;Quantification on the selection
F8 :Quantification of the loop in the course of recording (just a passage over N)
F9 :effacer the loop in the course of enregistrement(just a passage over N)
F10 :Place lessors on the zone selectionne
F11 :selectionne the tracks not mute this finding between the two lessors
F12 :Solo only the active track plays
The recording of mute of track
From one to nine (on the top of the keyboard) to activate the configurations of mute
From one to nine with control (on the top of the clavier)pour to record configurations of mute

T binary or ternary
/ to activate loop
* to activate recording
SPACE arreter the recording
1 (paves numerical) to go to lessor 1 (beginning of loop)
2 (paves numerical) to go to lessor 2 (end of loop)
fleche to the top selectionner the track precedante
fleche to the bottom selectionner the following track

Place the keyboard of the computer at dimension of your keyboard you must be able to play
a sequence or to handle potentiometers with the right hand
and to transfer or enregister or to copy sequences to the following measure
with the left hand in same time without breaking the tempo.
The goal being to use the sequencor like an instrument

transfer (10 programmable selections of the tracks (active and mutees))
The example of my configuration uses of 1 A 8 to activate the selections
and " control " more than 1 to 8 for the creer

Selection 1(toutes tracks without the large case)
to transfer track 1 and to support on control and 1
track 1 large case * transfers *
track 2 charley
track 3 low
track 4 synthe 1
track 5 synthe 2

Selection 2(seulement the low one and a synthe)
to transfer track 1,2,5 and to support on control and 2
track 1 large case * transfers *
track 2 charley * transfers *
track 3 low
track 4 synthe 1*mute *
track 5 synthe 2

Selection 3(toutes tracks)
not to transfer anything and support on control and 3
track 1 large case
track 2 charley
track 3 low
track 4 synthe 1
track 5 synthe 2

These selections of transfers make it possible to make the montees and the descents
and of the fast changes while looping to the same measures,
it are also usable for cammoufler the errors or the lack of idee.
it also make it possible to preserve best the sequences to copy them
to the following measures (without breaking the tempo)
as much to say essential...

a loop east constitutes of a whole of measurement included between the two lessors
It is possible of creer a piece on a loop of 4 measurements
however that Ci can be gradually saturates with sequences
for y remedier it is necessary while the sequence loops to copy to the measures
following the part to preserve then deplacer the loop towards new measurements.

to activate the selection of transfers corresponding to the tracks
that one desire to preserve F11 for selectionner tracks not mutees (to
cross) F5 to copy 1 time the selection (repeter) ENTER to validate (it
copies to the following measures and makes them active) then F10 to
place carefully without breaking the tempo, the boucle(les lessors) to
the following measures to say as much essential...


the quantification it is very practical to correct the rhythmic
errors and to manufacture complex rates/rhythms two mode essential
binary repetition puts in ternary fright mobility gives groove the
quantification can be automatic with the recording according to your
technical level with the practical or essential keyboard... Functions
on the recording of the sequences the erasure of the notes of the last
passage of the recording the quantification of the notes of the last
passage of the recording according to your technical level with the
practical or essential keyboard...
Some small councils
Avoid recording the controllers on tracks of sequences.
Use preference a new track or more.
because it causes error (volume or filter drops or goes up brutally and it is difficult a to locate
for elimination (in small the function/midday function/ delete control dated )

To aillor in same finely useful function reduce control went back
It makes it possible to reduce the number of event of the controllers bus knew that
if you pass from the maximum at least on a pitch bend, you will generez an imposing number of events midday
what can only cause delays in the transmission midday of the other events controllers
because the notes have always priority.

Avoid the notes a horse on a loop that really does not go and cree a note off in the air.
The note is appuyee before the end of the loop (right lessor) and relachee after the beginning of the left boucle(locator)
at the time of the passage on the lessor of end a note off is cree in addition to your future relaxation of key.

Another case of source of problem, notes longer than the shares
they can be ramenees on the value of end of share by the use
in small the structure of trim vents to share

For the reasons rhythmic do not hesit a creat a track by element it is more maitrisable
and that allows finer modification and selections of transfers more interressantes.
same advantage with with the sequences of a synthe using several tracks
with ends of melodies or ends of agreements.

Note perso
For my part I use a tempo of 160 quantification to the
double croche(16) and loops of four measurements I often start with
the large case and the charley with against time low with against time
or more complex I record the battery then gradually (binary and
ternary) then the arpegiator for the synthes and sometimes a solo.
But it is only one example because nothing is determine. In same time
to make the song more alive I play with the selections of transfer
and the parameters of the synthes (filters, lfo, ect) I try not to
remain too a long time on a different loop to build idees. I play
upright to be able to dance and to better feel the music my principal
goal remains the fright in which us amene music. After a few hours of
play,on can feel great feelings to be well... The extase without
no taking extasy, it is magic and one quickly becomes accro... 8 ).
To finish the whole must remain very intuitive and spontane montees
which functions and which leads to something which pete bus for my
part,I am a ravor above all...

Index warning!!! Method Cubase Hpd15 Nova Sirius S2000 Midi MP3 Reason SURVEY!!!
HPD-15 HANDSONIC par roland (pads midi and samples)

New arrival this limps a   rate/rhythm will be thus uses in the songs
à   to start from January 2002 ...

Setting a   day of its system V 1.06
A setting a   day a little compliquee
I am not able a  to erase the active system if you have reussi
do not hesit a  to make me share of it
SansDomicileFixe@wanadoo.f r
1) Connect the MIDI In of HPD-15 to the MIDI Out
of the sequencer with the MIDI cable.

2) Power on while holding down EDIT and CHAIN
3) Keep holding down CHAIN, release EDIT, then
press PATCH SEL.

4) Keep holding down PATCH SEL, release CHAIN, then
press EDIT. The current system version will be
WARNING: Proceeding further will erase the system in
your HPD-15. Do not proceed unless you fully install
a new system.
5) Press WRITE (this deletes the system files).
6) Load and play the MIDI files from the sequencer
in order.
7) When the update is finished, "Complete " will be
displayed. Power off then back on. The HPD-15 will
display a factory reset screen, press WRITE to confirm.

Specifications of HPD-15
Polyphony 64 notes 572 intruments of pads
54 intruments of accompaniment 80 patches user
multitimbral 4 parts 1 reverb and 1 multi effect
a sequencor 4 tracks 15 pads 2 ribbons 1 DBEAM

First of all some infos on the controllers of the hpd 15
it are also usable as controller for others synthes Two controllers
ribbons Gauche controller 82 Droite controller 83
controllers optics DBEAM controller 81
3 potentiometers controlant each one three Multitimbral controllers
with the kit of the current pads, 2 kit percu and 2 accompaniments

a surprennant play, the pads are really very alive and
very parametrables and the controllers are really sympathetic.
The optical controller proves to us that this type of system to step
finished astonishing us and evolving/moving
the gestures and the movements become musicals. If not of good
percussions very variees of good kits and fx. A multieffet enough
varies with some multidelays " synchronize " a correct Compact and
autonomous reverbe with its sequencor. Its internal system is
upgradable by dump midday.

the sounds could have been of better quality of
aillor it does not have there information on the quality of the
samples That me rappele unfortunately the sounds of the canvas (Roland
module: () If not not of synchro for the lfos Vraiment not practises
in multitimbral mode a very clear documentation not and incomplete Pas
of outputs separees, a level of output rather low Only one multi
effect for the unit not of thru a price when same elevated

One limps à rate/rhythm out of the commun run thanks to
pads resulting from technology vdrums and with the controllers from play.
The only point really exeptionnel and very original of this apparatus.
The sensitivity of the pads is astonishing and the very pleasant play
The reglages of sensitivity and declenchement are really very complete.
this sensitivity makes information midday more alive (velocite really of 1 Ã 127)
it is currently à my opinion the instrument the most expressive midday.
the ribbons change potentiometers and can hold or cut control
when with the DBEAM it is shown naturally powerful
It can of a simple gesture declencher and to modify.
The kits of percussions are varies(Latin, Africa, Asia, orchestras, batteries, effects)
many and quite selected.
It's a pity that it do not have there large thing of prepare for the electronic musics
but some patchs of effect its completely trance for little which one can use them
and the 80 patches user will permetrons you to manufacture for stage à this vacuum of it;
A quality of sampling superior would have made the apparatus perfect
a chance that one can use his potential with other sounds externes(midi) of better quality
and some exits separes miss for one limps a rate/rhythm of this price.
in conclusion this hpd15 is really exeptionnel in addition to being very ludic
a true toy which is very good average to learn and an enormous opening for

Index warning!!! Method Cubase Hpd15 Nova Sirius S2000 Midi MP3 Reason SURVEY!!!
NOVA for novation (synthe modelling analogy)

New systeme NOVA V 4.0 free to download!!!
The innovations

Polyphony + 4
16 notes of polyphony to the de12 place: )

A new form of wave a double wave " tooth of saw "
correspondent with 2 waves " tooth of saw " on only one oscillator
One can arrive to 6 oxillateurs in tooth of saw:
Interessants effects with the modulation of width
New filters and in premium of the double filters

A unison mode for the envelopes (in trigger) powerful which one can increase the polyphony
a mono voice can monopolize from 2 to 8 votes of polyphonies for a richer sound,
A more powerful distortion towards its maximum with more compression.

A function which missed makes its appearance
The potentiometers can be inactive as long as they did not reach to them derniere value
in the menu total function " knob mode " on pickup.
Very practical to avoid the inopportune changes.
It is about a problem binds especially to live and the direct recording.
The nova has 6 votes and all use the same potentiometers
Being given that those Ci are not motorize
That few entrainer changes when the value of the new way is oposee
with the initial position of the potentiometer of another way.
The sirius also acette easy way and in more it displays on its screen of the fleches to know if
the position was front or after the practical position actuelle.Autre function
Possibility of creer of the continuous notes
interessant for environments
in the constant menu trigger " function gate " in ON position.
Return has the index

MAJ 4.1 nova
Already a new update minor and new programs and performances using the new functions
specifications of nova
16 notes of polyphony,6 ways independantes,
3 oscillators, 2 Modulators Boxing ring and a generator of noise,
filters and two entrees external audios,
a independant vocodor,
42 ways of effets(7 independants by way!!!)
and a programmable arpegiator by way
6 outputs separes.

to know some more

the sound is very good, pure and quite analog, quite
large, it is there, the most significant of qualities of the nova. a
synthesis powerful and rich, all is it on the level of the functions.
The interface is intuitive and easy to use the synchro with the step
total midday for all the elements an evolutionary system because its
internal system is loadable by simple dump midday Seven independants
effects by way (42 in all), of the outputs separees, a true vocodor.

the buttons are not very resistants (physically) and
more damage have the facheuse mania to oscillate at the time of the
same handling if one them frole the arpegiateurs are not easy to
program and with difficulty recuperable in sequence midday (not of
direct keyboard) Problem of recuperation of dump (But it is perhaps my
interface midday or cubase I do not know...) The reverberations could
have been more subtle.

an instrument of quality for apprecier richness and the
quality of play of the analog synthesis with the flexibilite of the
numerical one. only the nova accessible without reel change compared
to the top of game!!! and its some competitors are more expensive a
very good In the unit synthe level price quality.

Index warning!!! Method Cubase Hpd15 Nova Sirius S2000 Midi MP3 Reason SURVEY!!!
the nova must be in external midday clock (total function)
the sequencor in mode of sends external of his clock midday
for cubase in small the option / synchronization: sync out midday clock one
on the control panel of the sequencor (play, stop) sync should not be active.
It should be known that in this mode all the functions synchronisees will not give
no result if the sequencor is not in mode of reading.

The nova does not have a problem of conversion of tempo into millisecond,
it uses a musical notification directly very complete.
Liquid assets
triplet eighth (32) double eighth (16) eighth (8) black (4) white (2)

double eighth pointee




triplet eighth triplet
double eighth triplet eighth triplet
black triplet white triplet
For measurements more choice
1 mesure 2 mesures 3 mesures 4 mesures 5 mesures 6 mesures 7 mesures 8 mesures
de mesure/3
de mesure/3
de mesure/3
de mesure/3
de mesure/3
de mesure/3
de mesure/3
1 mesure
pointee =
1,5 mesures
2 mesure
pointee =
3 mesures
3 mesure
pointee =
4,5 mesures
4 mesure
pointee =
6 mesures

5 mesure
pointee =
7,5 mesures

6 mesure
9 mesures
7 mesure
pointee =
10,5 mesures
8 mesure
12 mesures

For the neophytes in solfege
a round (1) = two white
white (2) = two black
one noire(4) = two eighth notes
an eighth note (8) = two double eighth notes
a double eighth note (16) = two thirty-second notes
thirty-second note (32) = two quadruple eighth notes
a quadruple eighth note (64) is the smallest value
only the trille is faster but not really determinee.

A note pointee be equivalent to the value of the note plus the moitie of its value
ex black pointee = black + eighth note the triplet of notes is a more abstract concept but interressante
because it brings into play the ternary propagator of groove.
Each note of a triplet is equivalent to two thirds of the value of the note.
It acts in made place three notes in time aparti at two.
ex triplet of eighth notes = two eighth notes
premiere note two thirds of eighth note (2/3 = 0,6666 infinite)
second note two thirds of eighth note (2/3 = 0,6666 infinite)
thirdly note two thirds of eighth note (2/3 = 0,6666 infinite)
what thus makes a total of six thirds of eighth notes two eighth notes
2/3+2/3+2/3=6/3 = 2
The first of the three notes is always over time well calee and the two others are
toujour with horse on a value insaisissable(2/3 = 0,6666 infinite)
a mobility which causes the effect of the famous groove ternary one.

The synchro is usable to plusior levels on the nova On the sequences of the arpegiator
for determine the step of the sequence

low with the eighth note by using the triplets one =
ternary arpeges.
On the delay

Low can be seen allotting an echo over each traditional time.
or on a value pointee or triplet (ternary) what will give groove
and will creera rate/rhythm complexes sometimes difficult with gerer.
An echo all 12 measurements which says better (8 pointees measurements)
On the lfo
to make evolve/move a function thanks to a lfo synchronizes
allows effects very interressant.

a filter of frequency connects to a standard lfo sinusoide via the matrix of modulation
can be synchronizes with the double eighth note for an outstanding rhythmic effect
or all 4 measurements for a more progressive effect

Index warning!!! Method Cubase Hpd15 Nova Sirius S2000 Midi MP3 Reason SURVEY!!!
SIRIUS by quasimidi( synthe hybrid sample,modelling)

specifications of sirius
28 notes of polyphony,7 ways independantes
two entrees external audio, a independant vocodor,
2 effects for the unit of the ways
a programmable arpegiator

the arpegiateurs easy with program and
recuperable like of midday normal four way of battery independantes
gross case, snare, hithat and small kit a minicomputer table of mixing
midday very practical which can be use by the other synthes the system
A of very good easy way of use. The system is sufficed for him same
(sequencor integre)

The sound be well for the battery, but
for the synthes the pallet remain unfortunately well numerical with a
sound very colour of effect of quality mediocre and a delay on a not
of 0 with 127 for a value of 0 with 1119ms, hello the calculation of
tempo!!! No the outputs separes. not of possibility of using
completely the sequencor in time reel for recording manual of

a system complete good functioning with a
good limp with rate and of synthes vary but which lack of a truth
synthe analog But which remain always usable for its battery and its
keyboard table of mixing midday very practical with some sound sympas
and original ova accessible without reel change compared to high of
game!!! and its some competitors are more expensive a very good In
the unit synthe level price quality.

Index warning!!! Method Cubase Hpd15 Nova Sirius S2000 Midi MP3 Reason SURVEY!!!

S 2000 by akai (sampler)
specifications of S2000

32 notes of polyphony,16 ways independantes
sampleur16 bit (effects and left separees in option)
to know some more

Freedom to put any sound or of the loops
a sympathetic numerical sound and large bookshops of very diverse sounds.
Almost completely scriptable for mac.

loudeurs to program the sounds and and much of time
on this subject here a script for mesa (software of edition)sur mac
who allows selectionner a whole of samples for the inserer in a program.
with two levels of velocite from 0 to 100 and 100 with 127(to double the sound starting from a velocit 3rd of 100)
Very particular format akai
the fitrage can make claquer the sound
little controller time reel

a numerical sound clearly and enough heat for a samplor
not too expensive. The system can be complete limps at rate/rhythm
and instruments or to become very good limps at rate/rhythm and
effects of environment but does not replace unfortunately an analog
synthe malgres its filter. and its fastidueuse programming and
complex exchange with each model. The output separe as well as the
multi effect are unfortunately in option...

How to manufacture kits of battery on S2000 or XL-Series

without spending the hours there...

The use of the bill-poster of the apparatus for the programming of kit remains a titanic task
will nobody say the opposite not? when it is about kit of more than 20 instruments.
Also that you have mac or a PC do not hesitez to use editor MESA 2
You will find it on site AKAI (support mesa) it is free!!!!!!

Much more practical,il enables you to modify the parameters more simply
and to safeguard your programs and your samples on your computer.

Method pc
Thanks to the generosity of a visitor programmer ,
here a program PC to make kits with a file of waves
with its Doc. in premium

Thank you with him to contribute to the improvement of this site;

Instructions (I do not have it tests,je do not have a PC)
Automakit and Top Model:
AutomaKit : genere automatically of the kits only the 61 first * wav of a repertoire will be treated.
Signal Model :   1 or several wav selectionnés will be treated for generer a program MESA.
you can choose between 3 preselections and Custom where you have the hand on the parameters.
- it interprete not the samples stereo
- it interprete not the long names = > that can have a facheuse consequence
if the samples are nomnés in the following way for example:
the sampler treats only the 10 premieres letters of the name of the sample what gives
tototatati for all treated samples from where problem!!!
Method mac
A method if you have mac, you can use applescript
to automate the operations of MESA 2,
Applescript is a language of programming to automate spots systems or applicatives
The majority of the operations of MESA are scriptables
it is enough to launch applescript and to open the dictionary of MESA in the small file
to see apparaitre the name of the instructions of all the operations of the samplor.

Here the explanation in detail of a applescript for S2000
As example we will manufacture a kit of battery with N samples and moreover
according to the velocite of the note, a premiere zone from 0 to 127 and one second from 100 to 127
thus between 100 and 127 the note is doublee (2 zones, the sound becomes more fabric)
To finish each sample will be place on two consecutive notes

Selectionner a program and N samples in MESA
To launch applescript Ci below (to copy it in the applescript application)
Seize the note of demarrage of your kit example 48 which corresponds to C2 (60 C3;72 C4, ect)

Result, all the samples selectionnes have ete place on two consecutive notes from
the note of reference and their double dynamics with ete for a velocite superior to 100
Here script with some explanations to be able to modify it more easily
(to use it to copy the following text in the applescript application)

tell application "MESA II "
-- utiliser l'objet mesa
set s to sampler 1
--si le sampleur s est branche
if (is online in s ) then

-- si un programme sp est selectionne
set sp to selected program in s
if sp is equal to 0 then error "Vous devez selectionner un programme "
set prog to program sp in s
-- Dialogue pour saisir la valeur r de la note du premier sample (48 (C2) par defauft kv )

set kv to 48
set r to display dialog "saisir la valeur de la note du premier sample " default answer kv as text
set kv to text returned in r as integer
-- si la valeur kv est erronee <21 ou >127
if kv is less than 21 or kv is greater than 127 then error "La valeur doit etre compris entre 21 et 127 "
-- kv2 = kv +2 limite basse kv et haute kv2 (2 notes par sample)
set kv2 to kv + 2
--nombre de samples numsamps dans le sampleur
set numsamps to count samples in s
--Boucle pour repeter l'operation pour chaque sample compteur X de 1 à numsamps
repeat with x from 1 to numsamps
--pointer sur un sample samp grace au compteur X
set samp to sample x in s
-- si le sample samp est selectionne (actif) insertion dans le groupe du programme.
if is selected in samp then
set kg to make new keygroup in prog
set sname to name in samp
-- creation du nom du sample pour les deux zones
set sample name 1 in kg to sname
set sample name 2 in kg to sname
-- modification pour les 2 zones de la limite basse et haute (-2 car 2 notes par sample )du sample pour le groupe
set lo note in kg to kv2 - 2
set hi note in kg to kv2
-- modification pour les 2 zones, la hauteur des samples reste constant malgres la hauteur des notes du clavier
set zone 1 pitch in kg to 1
set zone 2 pitch in kg to 1
--modification pour la deuxieme zone seulement ,la force de frappe (velocite) doit se trouver entre 100 eet 127
set lo velocity 2 in kg to 64
set hi velocity 2 in kg to 127
--incrementer les compteurs pour les samples actif suivants dans la boucle
set kv to kv + 1
set kv2 to kv2 + 2
if kv is greater than 128 then set kv to 127
end if
--Fin de la boucle (se repete tant que le compteur X est different de numsamps )
end repeat

-- rafraichir l'affichage
set update in s to true
error "Le sampler n'est pas allume "
end if
-- fin du programme
end tell

Kits of batteries and percus AKAI
first kits of batteries and percus AKAI
EFFET.SP Quelques bruitages de nature
JUNGLEKIT.SP Batteries modernes
PERCUKIT1.SP Kit varie de percus
PERCUKIT2.SP Kit varie de percus

Voici le premier ensemble of kits to download akaicoolos.sit

e kit akaicoolos
not terrible
vrry good

Index warning!!! Method Cubase Hpd15 Nova Sirius S2000 Midi MP3 Reason SURVEY!!!

A large catch of tete for large the configurations
small for the others.
A rather old standard which allows telecommander the synthes
key, its velocite, its dure(relachement), its position in time supports
as well as controllers (modulation, pitchbend, filters, pedals, ect)
and the dumps, most tedious which makes it possible to send packages specific to the synthes
programs, arpeges, configuration, ect.
This standard vehicule not of the sound but of the codes of telecommande
as paper perforates of a barrel organ.
The use of an interface midday hardware is essential
for the PC with the card its or independante
for mac independante
for the atari 1024 or 512 integre (the best computer for the very small budget)
As for the software on mac OMS is the system more uses very complete.

While waiting future normalizes it which should emerge soon (a protocol with the flow for midday and the audio).

For the song i am the 8/24 from fire gadgetlabs(the societe with out!!)
a card 24 bits, 8 entrees and 8 analog outputs.
An audio card of quality is a good investment for a fast computer,
it will permetra you to fully use the effects and the virtual synthes of qualities.
You will avoid the purchase of an external recorder (minidisc dat) or external effects
what is not negligible with the sight of the exhorbitant price of these all these apparatuses
and will limit the transfers easily (analog numerical and vice verca)
as well as conversions of format.
The latency of the card (time for this declencher) must be weak
especially for viable use of the virtual synthes.
The 24 bits makes it possible to especially treat the signal with more precision
for the mixing or returned effects and synthes.
With the sight of the technological advances soon it will be the part maitress of the virtual studio...

the synchro is very significant in the music techno
it makes it possible to be synchronized with the clock of the sequencor
and thus to follow the beat of the sequencor perfectly
The mixture of elements synchronize and not synchronize
allows more alive pallets while remaining fixes on the tempo.
It is usable to plusior levels on the synthes
on the sequences of the arpegiator
for determiner the step of the sequence
on the delay
To avoid tedious calculations,
Many technoides knows the easy way consisting with
to fix the time of echo of the delay on the tempo of sequencor. That Ci
is often expresses in millisecond, aberation since this value
does not want to say large thing for the commun run of the musicians
who always work with measurements and times.
Those Ci are forces to make calculation to translate
in measurement or time.
With a tempo of 160 beat per minute
a time corresponds to how much millisecond
60 seconds / 160 = 0,375 seconds
Therefore 375 milliseconds.
the delay will repetera each time with an echo of 375 milliseconds
Fastidueux to see irritating if you use complex measurements
often impossible with the values decimales.
A chance,il exists small programs which make conversion
and the synthes starts to have directly a musical notification.
on the lfos
Geniale to work the parameters of the sound in agreement with the tempo.
A very powerful opening for the handling of the sound.

This system composes of plusior elements can be considere like an instrument
one can use the keyboard, the potentiometers, the memorisation of the sequences crees,
functions, any Ca like parameters of plays instrumentals
Certe an instrument complexes multi ways
but with much of facilitates like the handing-over in time,
the looping of sequences, the memorisation of the track transfer, ect
and the enormous synchro favours!!!
Let us not forget that vat improvised runnings away of seven perfect way
and at this time, no facilitates, it was necessary to do everything and without error.
Today the use of the computer rhyme often with
tool of facilitates with detriment these true capacites.
the sequencor can be very well uses like tool of assistance
with the composition time reel.
Imagine if vat had had a magic piano which kept the tempo
and corrigait the faults, it would have made of the hundred ways!!!!
Therefore you do not let impress,ni to direct by the sequencor.
Use for its potential, it asks only Ca...

An example of system time reel

4 fixed votes midday
large case

N voices midday chosen at the time
kit of battery synthe
numerical kit of battery
synthe effect
numerical effect

For control of the synthes
the frequencies (the height of the sound)
the portamento(notes glissees)


pass low (filter the acute ones)
pass bande(filtre a tape)
pass haut(filtre the low registers)

the resonance
the enveloppe(de the attack with the release)

the time (often uses, often synchronizes)
the distortion
the phaser

two manners of using them
manually while turning the potentiometers.
or by using the envelopes or the lfos to vary them.

for example if you obtain a sound interesent while varying the resonace
brutally minimum to the maximum you also can use a lfo
with a wave squares
maximum minimum then then minimum ect
in more it will be able this to synchronize with the eighth note pointee for example.
this is preferable for time reel
but you can record in your sequencor in loop
the movement of the potentiometer and same to quantify it
this manner remains malgres rather heavy with gerer.
It is necessary to spend time on its synthe to decouvrir
its good originalites sound and its bad.
Many functions hiding places can escape to us
and being however of a power phenomenale.

With the synthes have can

To play of the free sentences
To launch arpeges
To modify arpeges rhytmiquement (envelopes, lfos)
and by transposition(jeu manual)

And the sequencor allows us
To store our good sentences
To quantify the notes
To mute the tracks.

You ete pret,il does not remain you any more which has to record.
three solutions possible
Your synthes is branches in audio on an external recorder
It will be necessary to repatriate the pieces in the computer what will imply
a numerical analog conversion nefaste for quality
At month to use an apparatus allowing the transfere without conversion
(digital display)

Your synthes is branches in audio on an audio card
(the card interns mac is limiting, but usable)
you can record in your sequencor
but this mode limits time reel in the direction or you
donot can dissociate the recording midday and audio
if you arreter the sequencor midday to make an effect
the audio recording will be arrete too.
Same problem for a loop midday that you make
to progress the audio recording to erase all except the last
with this principle one needs already preparer the frame of the piece
what minimalisela spontaneite but can permetre
to reassure itself initially.

To finish in my opinion best the solution.
It consists in using the sequencor only in midday
and a recorder software independant Spark style or sonic worx
connect on your synthes in stereo mode because the multitrack one
is heavy and is not really necessary being gives the objective
not to improve the piece.
It is enough for you to go declencher your recorder software without effect
For a latency minimun and a more natural sound.
then you can demarer your sequencor or all the actions
will be enregistrees stop, loops, change of tempo,
same faults of tempo or handling unfortunately...
C " is for that which it is preferable to start with little way
some call this minimalist mode.
In the second time compressors, limitings device, denoises
will be able to reinforce the impact and limit the blurs, the recorder
spark allows configurations parallele/sery very interessantes.

Index warning!!! Method Cubase Hpd15 Nova Sirius S2000 Midi MP3 Reason SURVEY!!!
Song with the magnifying glass


TranceUnite ( will find it to you with the format mp3 with the other song)
(will find it to you with the format mp3 with the other song)

For you propose a rather clean song cubase, I have procede in a more traditional way,
to find idees in time reel and then to set up them using the mouse in cubase.
arrangement finishes
I do not have same step modifies the parameters during the recording
the lfo are loads for me
This song thus does not have ete cree in time reel...
This piece is rather simple
a gross caiss E over times with small breaks,
low over time without delay,
a charley with against time with small breaks,
a synthe which will creera all the basic frame,
it cree a random melody.

Here the list of the parameters use for this random sound
the lfos are in random mode, synchronize with the eighth note and measurement
and are use with the frequencies, the resonnance and the sync of the oscillator
a soupcon of portamendo can be?
with a delay synchronizes with the double eighth note
and the active arpegiator (not of sequence midday).
I have it factory starting from an electric sound of piano.
Another synth E (double) with delay for some traditionelles sequences
and to make some changes.

A battery basee on four rhythmic reasons on S2000..
And here arrangement for most curious (Song cubase)
with the sequences midday and the numbers of the sounds utilises(à the base).
TranceMirage ( will find it to you with the format mp3 with the other song)
4 parts


This piece with ete cree in time reel after approximately a half hour of drive
of hard labour (to have fun to play in reality!!!)
Low a arpege and synthes, as well as a principal rate/rhythm
are reveles gradually
The rythmés claps are a reason for the arpegiator of the sirius.

Because on average not too to break you ears.
I prefere to be already hot when I record.
However at this time I have often already badly does not find a idee and I have already record gradually
various sequences and rate/rhythm.

Then to change I have start to record on line on small some 3 minutes periodes.
What allows the more defavorises (minimum modem) of being able the telecharger
and to condense the idee.
Some transfer of large case and solo two rates/rhythms and some synthes.
a idee really very very simple...

Here its arrangement not very interessant but for most curious...

TranceAfrica ( will find it to you with the format mp3 with the other song)
I do not use the hpd yet 15 Roland because I am not yet enough entraine
to use it in time reel.
the play of the percussionists is really very different play of the keyboards
It is perfect because that enables me to begin the percus like one almost debutant
and to thus study the method fright in a completely intuitive way.
I entraine for the moment in solo it is really genial the percus because the body returns
much more easily in fright and this hpd 15 is really signal thanks to its sensiblite
it is in my opinion the system the most expressive midday currently.

Thus for this piece toujour nothing exeptionnel
it starts from a white sheet
Creation and recording of the piece 3 minutes 30
Use of a flanger for the treatment
a arpege and a manual play for the kits of the samplor
low and two synthes.

TranceliveInitial ( will find it to you with the format mp3 with the other song)
Since this problem of accouphene I cannot pass any more from time to reecouter several times
to judge as much to use my ears more for pure creation
A chance it is precisely the direction of my study of creer in the moment.
Of aillor some have request more to me works on these tests whereas precisely
this method voodoo fright does not want to use this engine (exercises, work) certe sour and veloce
but too constraining in the effort and time.
Here thus a first complete recording cold without any preparation of the idees
they must cut through their path and naturally change.
It is like finding the wire of a idee and following it...
All is done naturally its moments is precieux and can be practical rather easily
to reussir to give pleasure and advance simply by the engine of the desire and not that of the effort.
Summary description after reecoute
Seek low then search for a rate/rhythm entrainant arpegiator
to start again the large case
2mn 15
Search for sentence synthe manual
3mn 40
Reason synthe finds arpegiator
5mn 56
Some shy persons percus made on the hpd15...
New solo synthe melodique
Result reason saturates filling the rhythmic screen
13 min
Fright by reason saturates

Index warning!!! Method Cubase Hpd15 Nova Sirius S2000 Midi MP3 Reason SURVEY!!!
REASON (Not uses for the moment in my compositions)
Propellerhead was already distinguishes with its emulator from TR
the sound was good and easy employment.

Reason 2 OSX!!! Still more complete or do it go arreter?
Moreover first program steinberg functioning under OSX
To know
Reason is genial it proposes a whole in very intuitive.
Finally a viable solution of replacement to the configurations hardware.
It presente in the form of an application behaving the elements essenciels to the creation of electronic musics
(N = According to the computing power of your computer). N limp at rate/rhythm
N synthes analog and granular
N sampleurs +1
N readers of samples
N tables of mixing 24 tracks
N sequenceurs of step
1 sequencor
N effects (equalisation, phaser, distortion, reverb, chorus, compression)

Complete Cd of sounds for all the elements. Succeeded Cubase the system by recuperant the 64 audio tracks (rewire) and allows the addition of audio tracks
for the masterisation with the use of other more powerful effects (plugins)
64 tracks midday!!! (same the controllers are controlables in midday and with the keyboard of the computer).
All the elements are very complete and are very well pensee with filters
synchro, completely midday and full with other thing.
And cherry on the cake, it is very beautiful graphically
hyper realist on all the levels...
in short, not of wire, not of dump, not of problem, and in very flexible
ex 7 BAR (all left separees) + 3 synthes + 1 samplor + N effects.
or 12 synthes + 7 samplor and 2 BAR (all left separees) + N effects
For the modification of configuration with the same elements in hardware
,de good catches of tete and much of hardware with gerer and posseder. :
With reason a play of child... Not you do not revez, they did it and the system does not plant same step
without being too greedy in read-write memory.
The pieces pesent only a few hundred kilos bytes, that to say moreover if not...
cheer and still cheer...: )

It would miss only the management of plugins external and the possibility of recording
external audio tracks but the problem is more or less resolu while passing by cubase.
Therefore do not hesited with the same download in demo mode
you will not regret it...

The more so as for the debutants that makes it possible to learn the unit carefully
concepts essential to creation of music assistee by computer...
Index warning!!! Method Cubase Hpd15 Nova Sirius S2000 Midi MP3 Reason SURVEY!!!