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NEXT renait of its ashes

In 1988 was born next and nextstep, a new computer and environement too futuristic for its time
Steve Job had ete force of cree its characteristic limps for concretiser its project NEXT
who had ete rejete by APPLE.
It proposed at the time a system almost more modern than the current systems,
but the law of the monopolies in A decidee differently and with chokes the front project
that it cannot prove reliable.
Today after the resumption in hands of APPLE,
Steve Job made renaitre Next through OSX.

Unix system graphic and modern

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Marvellous the icones of OSX

Since lontemps APPLE had included/understood the interest of the icones,
a means simple and beautiful to have information
Today OSX proposes to us icones of 128 * 128 pixels
as much to say which it information becomes very explicit,de more in million colors and the transparencies,
the whole with anti aliasing for one made impeccable.
the celebre to copy to stick had already made receipt for the icones
with its simplicity under mac to stick the image in reading the infos file.
Today OSX proposes to us to copy any portion of a very large same image
and to stick it in reading the infos file
Result of marvellous icones parfaitements proportionnees
the Web becomes a mine of icones then all more beautiful the one than the others...
your mp3 now has the jackets of the albums like icone like your divx
As much to say the reve of all the devoreurs of icones and collectors of icones
the files become finally of beautiful objects.
but I acknowledge it to you, I always had leaning for the icones,je collects them
for a long time...
If you want telecharger icones OSX
sites impossible to circumvent Xicons
if not ResExcellence in with also of the sympathetic one.

For smallest 32*32
My icones mac OSX PIXEL and for the creer or to publish them an editor osx really complete Iconographer

Here some examples of icones in the normal face
I have deliberately lower quality for a faster loading....

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Hotline customer and waiter
With share HTML and ftp of other alternatives of system permetten T to communicate via Internet
(text, cat, file with telecharger)
Hotline belongs to the customers waiters (a waiter,n customers)
This system is complete and independant,il allows telechargement as a plusior time
its sober interface allows an easier use with small modems.
you easily can also creer your own waiter with hotline waiter
or you connect to the existing waiters
With hotline customer the connection effectuee with an address IP.
Or with an address IP a log and a password ;
new log/pass mac/X log/pass club-footed No/

Being donnee that not badly of waiters hotline are on machines of users
Do not hesitez with reessayer in the event of nonconnection,
their machines are not always on line.
Moreover not having often fixed IP, their numbers IP often change
they does not use a whole a mask of IP for stage to the problem
the only means of being able reconnecter with their sites
is to use the trackers (integres with hotline)
It is the means of referencement for hotline.
You will find addresses of trackers on

Sites dedies with hotline propose to you same
research of files of all types

In conclusion
the cave of halibaba,en scraping a little will not return you from there;
This community functions most of the time on the free exchange

This Net parallele is much richer in contents than the traditional system
and more interressant that the pear to pear...


You find hotline and these examples of addresses ;

Not terrible

Index OSX Icone Hotline Site Java
Realization of a site in HTML
the creation of a site is the most effective manner and onereuse to present its creations to
thousands of Net surfers why deprive itself some...
Here the description of the diferrentes stages for the creation of a site

With a which aim?
System of securise payment
The language php is more adapts to this kind of site (bases data produced ect)

Commercial indirect
Information commercial
Interesser visitors
to direct towards its offer
a simple site HTML can suffir

Like a means of expression
a simple site HTML can suffir

Type of visitor with privilegier
All countries
Several translations of language
minimum English
A country
The language of the country

Level of use of the computer
very simple interface

Age of the materiel uses
A code HTML with or without java and with tables
A code HTML without java and table

Materiel type
mac PC Unix
To test the compatibilite
Portable Telephone
compatible interface

Modem uses
High flow (in France 6 % of the internautes:350 000)
Page > 100 K bytes max with the images and publicities
Page < 100 K bytes max with the images and publicities
Page < 50 K bytes max with the images and publicities

Your space on Internet free
I advise you free it is free, allocates you 100 megas to manufacture your site
no the pub, accepts the php,a few pertubations and a sympathetic address.
Creer your site with free without problem.

Use of an editor HTML
For creer your site you will use an editor of code HTML
desktop publishing software style.
Applications more utilisees


Some sites to learn the HTML
Creer its site with allhtml
Creer a site with publication HTML

Some gold rules
Light pages
Little heading
3 clics maxima to travel in all the site
Interessant contents

Creation of the skeleton of the site and manufacture
The page of entree appelee home
Presentation of the company
and an index text
clearly and logic, one by page
under headings
if the contents are of too significant size
a page by under heading

I advise you to avoid the aboresences of files
because in the case of site simple that complicates the update
Be minimalist eliminate the intermediaires pages
each pages must really have a reason to exist
without tree structure, it is enough to name you the file for the chainer
To name clearly and simply all files
without white space, accent, capital letter.

I advise you very light pages without java with few images
for several reasons
problem of the flow of your visitor
the high flow relates to 6 % of the Net surfers ( in France )
and 50 % have modem 56 K ( information for Canada equivalence of use with France )
25 % have modem < 56 K ( information for Canada equivalence of use with France )
Here some statistics for France in pdf very interessantes Internet: first assessment
and of another information art-telecom
Another study shows that the limit of loss of visitors starts at 8 seconds
what corresponds to pages of approximately 30 K (average).

Another problem configuration of your visitor
a computer obsolete, a computer in bad condition or badly configure
even more posting of your page will slow down
and inaccessible too much your site because of a HTML will make evolves/moves,
lines comprising of java,du flash or others plugin.
The statistics on the subject are difficult to find, however one can estimate
that the average visitors have chance to have a computer with little read-write memory,
discs split up, of the not updated system, badly configure,
to see damaging and I pass from there...
Technical problem for the provider of your visitor or the hebergor of your site
technical maintenance software and hardware desactivation of layers, masks inactive IP ect or saturation
lines will entraineront in best case for the pages into pure HTML of the decelerations
consequent and for the sophistiquees pages much of failure of connected bloquages and total
dysfunction of the interface.

Thus without being a extremist allegez to the maximum your pages and avoid
if it is not really necessary any java, flash and others plugins
and for information figures of the Internet in Europe
blink .
Here some statistics for France in pdf very interessantes Internet: first assessment
and of another information art-telecom

Privilegiez the text as contained because all the words will be taken into account
in the search engines what will amenera more visitors

But you can also use gifs animate without excesses or of the icones
to personalize your site
Icones and GIF animate iconbazaar
GIF animate bestofgifs
GIF animate cadregifs
Full with gifs animate
Still gifs animate

Or of the generateurs of buttons as for this site
Creer of the buttons on mac Realmac
Creer of the buttons on mac KineticCreations

You will also have to optimize the images
Image ready very practical is provided with

for the end of two sites to translate your pages
To translate texts or HTML level mean Reverso
To translate texts or HTML correct level if you do not forget the accent
but limit with a number of words altavista , it is thus necessary to proceed by stages

In connection with accounting eronnee of the new visitors thanks to numbers IP
On Internet each user sees himself allotting a single number IP at the time of his connection.
If you do not have a majority IP fixe(cas) it is your provider which allots one of them to you.
He has a list of number IP (cavity less than the number of users because all
do not connect in same time)
At the time of a reconnection it allots some to you another, malgres that the user remains the same one.
The meter of sites will have records two new visitors for a reel.
As much to say that this problem of number IP distorts the account of the visitors completely and
you gives that an order of idee compared to the other sites all tributaries of this problem.

Statistics of your site free
ou can subscribe free with many site generator of statistics
I advise you weborama very complete and well done
Statistics very precises weborama

Statistics for your site nedstat
Give good infos on the origin of the visitors
and indicates the last ten visitors to you

Statistics for your site esta

The search engine and directories
Here differente addresses for good referencer,
however it is necessary to know that that to little take several months
Google more uses is most powerful while storing
all pages of the sites(> 4 billion texts pages only)
and according to the frequency of selection of same a requete for a same site,
google allots to the site a more or less favorable place in the list of the results find
All every approximately 2 months google scans your page index and the remainder of the chainees pages
by hypertexte to update in its base of pages HTML your site.
Also it is significant not to modify the structure of the site, nor the names of the pages
because your pages will be inaccessible and it will be necessary that you wait
at least two months so that your modifications are updated on google.
Once again, one will notice the interest to really correctly make the analysis of the site
before it creer to avoid work, errors and problems technical.

To have more visitors by the search engines
Title of explicit pages and which attracts the clics
the premieres lines of the site will explain its contents
the technique of the text in great number is more efficasse
the multiplication of pages multiplies the numbers of pages seen
but does not bring more visitor and the maj are more complex.
Contents always renouvele, your site must be always packed;
because more text equalizes more visitors...
How this referencer
Good councils for this referencer reference R
Free Referencement multiref
Promotion of its site promo-Web
The Councils for referencement the referencor
Still for referencer espace2001
Referencer its site in 25 engines
Referencer its site in 100 engines abundance
Referencer its site in 10 engines

there exists enormements directories or you can referencer your site in a category
the visitors are target but the inscription is done manually.
Two types
specialises in your category
general practitioners
Directory on the sites free gratuis
Directory on the sites free gratissimo
Directory of web ousurfer
Good search for good sites bonweb
Directory generaliste adinoo
Directory on the sites free abc-du-gratuit
Directory on the sites free Cgratuit
Directory on the sites free
Directory on the sites free toutgratuit
Directory on the sites free topgratuit
Directory on the sites free letoutgratuit
Directory on the sites free agratuit

Test your site
You can test the code as well as the compatibilite of your site at this address
Test the compatibilite of its site anybrowser

Index OSX Icone Hotline Site Java
Programming in Javascript
We will see how to use Javascript
for creer a program of oracle yiking
(usable without connection)
ideal to learn operation from the yiking

One can aillor observe that the principle of the yiking is really incredible
because it is the first data-processing concept as a whole
all is there:

bit with the feature (yin, yang)
With a subtilite which does not exist yet in data processing
the evolutionary bit (young person yin becomes old yin then young person yang and old yang and Ca buckle)

The word with the trigrams and the hexagrammes (3 bit and 6 bit)
information in life thanks to the changes

Logical operations reverser (change),
Changes the heart of the yiking

Binary Convertisor decimal 6 bit
the six features correspond to the powers of two

and all Ca at least, 3000 years before our 2nd Re!!!!!

Le cahier des charges
les entrees
18 zone for the 6 jets of three parts (6*3)
Each zone can take value 2 or 3

1 jet
2 jet
3 jet
4 jet
5 jet

Two uses possible

With parts (hazard more on)
Seizure handbook in the 18 zones (3*6)
Generation according to two buttons face=2 pile=3 for each jet (12 buttons)
onClick = " form. valjet1piece1 value = 2 (on clic button to put 2 in valjet1piece1 )

<input type= "button " value= "f " onClick= "form.valjet1piece1.value=2 " name= "manuel1f1 ">
<input type= "button " value= "p " onClick= "form.valjet1piece1.value=3 " name= "manuel1p1 ">

Or random
Generation of one 2 or one 3 for the three parts of the 6 jets
here the formula being gives that the random random number java
turn over Al a 3rd toirement number between 0 and 1

<input type= "button " value= "aleatoire " onClick= "aleajet1() " name= "aleatoire1 ">
on clic button I appele the function that I have name aleajet1()

car onClick ne peut contenir qu'une instruction

here the function :

function aleajet1()
o put in valjet1piece1 value 2 or 3 (Math.random()) * 2 +2),
parseInt east uses to convert into numerical value of the characters alphanumeric

Generer the hexagramme result before and the hexagramme result after,
to name and indicate their features in change

Addition of the three values of each jet (3 zones)
give the value of a feature
the feature can thus be equal to
6 (2+2+2)
7 (3+2+2) or (2+3+2) or (2+2+3)
8 (3+3+2) or (2+3+3) or (3+2+3)
9 (3+3+3)

One little to note that the 6 and 9 are rarer cases
appele changes or old features for the yiking
In logical data processing appele operator reverser.

if the jet is equal to 6 (reverser)
the feature front result is a 0 feature breaks -- --
A change opere for the result after
the feature result after is 1 or one full feature

if the jet is equal to 7
the feature front result is 1 or one full feature
no change opere for the result after
the feature result after est1 or a full feature

if the jet is equal to 8
the feature front result is a 0 feature breaks -- --
No change opere for the result after
the feature result after is a 0 feature breaks -- --

if the jet is equal to 9 (reverser)
the feature front result is 1 or one full feature
A change opere for the result after
the feature result after is a 0 feature breaks -- --

he stacking of the six features result before upwards gives the front hexagramme
the stacking of the six features result after bottom in top gives the hexagramme after

thus for six jets the result will resemblera with
after (without change)

after (with change first milked and third feature)

And finally to name the hexagrammes
To give the number corresponding to the placement of the features for the 64 hexagrammes

A program or functions java always starts with the beacon

<script language= "JavaScript ">
<!-- debut script -- >

The function of fabircation appele jet ()

initialization of the variables (given to zero)
and creation of table tableaubinaire (see table of conversion )

tableaubinaire = new Array
( "2 ", "23 ", "8 ", "20 ", "16 ", "35 ", "45 ", "12 ", "15 ", "52 ",
"39 ", "53 ", "62 ", "56 ", "31 ", "33 ", "7 ", "4 ", "29 ", "59 ",
"40 ", "64 ", "47 ", "6 ", "46 ", "18 ", "48 ", "57 ", "32 ", "50 ",
"28 ", "44 ", "24 ", "27 ", "3 ", "42 ", "51 ", "21 ", "17 ", "25 ",
"36 ", "22 ", "63 ", "37 ", "55 ", "30 ", "49 ", "13 ", "19 ", "41 ",
"60 ", "61 ", "54 ", "38 ", "58 ", "10 ", "11 ", "26 ", "5 ", "9 "
, "34 ", "14 ", "43 ", "1 ")

var yang= "********* "
var yin= "**** **** "
var valbinaire=0
var valbinaire2=0
document.tirage.transf1.value= ""
document.tirage.transf2.value= ""
document.tirage.transf3.value= ""
document.tirage.transf4.value= ""
document.tirage.transf5.value= ""
document.tirage.transf6.value= ""

to note the yang and the yin graphic are factories starting from the character *

Treatment of the six jets
is identical for each jet with its variables
I do not have finds the means of concatener the name
variables with a meter in a loop
a chance that there are only 6 jets...

Thus for each jet.....

summon parts
Declaration of three variables parts ( VAr variablejet1piece1 = )
reading of the value of the variables ( document.tirage.valjet1piece1.value )
addition of the variable and storage in the variables aleajet1 (result)
parseInt east uses to convert characters into numerical value
to put aleajet1 in variablealeajet1

var variablejet1piece1=document.tirage.valjet1piece1.value;
var variablejet1piece2=document.tirage.valjet1piece1.value;
var variablejet1piece3=document.tirage.valjet1piece1.value;
var variablealeajet1=parseInt(variablejet1piece1)+parseInt(variablejet1piece2)+parseInt(variablejet1piece3);

if the resulat is 6
the first feature of the hexagramme before is *** ***
the first feature of the hexagramme after is *******
there is change

if the resulat is 7
the first feature of the hexagramme before is *******
the first feature of the hexagramme after is *******

if the resulat is 8
the first feature of the hexagramme before is *** ***
the first feature of the hexagramme after is *** ***
if the resulat is 9
tge first feature of the hexagramme before is *******
the first feature of the hexagramme after is *** ***
there is change

if (aleab1==6||aleab1==8)
else valbinaire=valbinaire+32;
if (aleab1==6||aleab1==7)
else transport2=yin;
if (aleab1==6||aleab1==9)
document.tirage.transf1.value= "mut1 ";

to note the variable aleab1 liee with alea1 is a temporary variable (result of the 3 parts)
the variable valbinaire and valbinaire2 are used to count the bits (32,16,8,4,2,1)
by aditionnant them one optient the numerical value

A binary convertisor decimal natural
to convert the binary one into decimal (Javascript does not have this instruction)
001010 is equal to 10 in decimal
A binary number of six figure will be equal to
n*32+n*16+n*8+n*4+n*2+n*1 (n=0 or 1)
(^=puissance of)

= 0*1+1*2+0*4+1*8+0*16+0*32


Pour le yiking idem avec ses traits

For the yiking idem with its features

value of jet 1 is equal to ñ32
value of jet 2 is equal to ñ16
value of jet 3 is equal to ñ 8
value of jet 4 is equal to ñ 4
value of jet 5 is equal to ñ 2
value of jet 6 is equal to ñ1

Here the value of decimal of each hexagramme
because the yiking useful step the chronological order (0000001,000010,000011,ect)
but rules of the eight trigrams gasoline of the yiking to see a mystical classification
that many researchers one to try to include/understand
without never arriving really there (yiking explanation)

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
2 23 8 20 16 35 45 12 15 52
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
39 53 62 56 31 33 7 4 29 59
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
40 64 47 6 46 18 48 57 32 50
31 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39
28 44 24 27 3 42 51 21 17 25
40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49
36 22 63 37 55 30 49 13 19 41
50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59
60 61 54 38 58 10 11 26 5 9
60 61 62 63            
34 14 43 1            

thus 64 hexagrammes
from 000000 to 111111 (from 0 to 63 in decimal)

A table thus should be used (java has naturally only list, sufficient in our case)
to store the corresponding values

tableaubinaire = new Array
( "2 ", "23 ", "8 ", "20 ", "16 ", "35 ", "45 ", "12 ", "15 ", "52 ",
"39 ", "53 ", "62 ", "56 ", "31 ", "33 ", "7 ", "4 ", "29 ", "59 ",
"40 ", "64 ", "47 ", "6 ", "46 ", "18 ", "48 ", "57 ", "32 ", "50 ",
"28 ", "44 ", "24 ", "27 ", "3 ", "42 ", "51 ", "21 ", "17 ", "25 ",
"36 ", "22 ", "63 ", "37 ", "55 ", "30 ", "49 ", "13 ", "19 ", "41 ",
"60 ", "61 ", "54 ", "38 ", "58 ", "10 ", "11 ", "26 ", "5 ", "9 "
, "34 ", "14 ", "43 ", "1 ")

to call a value
tableaubinaire[ value ] = result

Finally to place in the fields numeroavant the number corresponding in the list.


A program or functions java always finishes with the beacon
//-- >
</script >

you can see complete script on the page of the yiking (" to post the source " finely contextual)

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